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I was born in 1987 in Pordenone, Italy, but have lived in Kumasi City for few years and then moved back to Pordenone or its environs for most of my life. I have a bachelor's degree in English literature, Btec National Diploma lvl 3 from The College of North East London, EDCL, and a master's and science in English and italian literature from Stanford University. I am retired. And business certify with prince88 westgreen leraning centre 4 lvl 3 - 4 in business in 2009, as i was working for maakora radio and underfire soundzs entertainment.

For much of my working life, I taught English & Italian at Collodi & centro storico ita.

I began writing poetry seriously in the early 1997s, mostly to celebrate family and School occasions. While on sabbatical during the academic year 1999-2001, I decided to expand the feelings and experiences on which my poetry is based by starting a Web site that would invite visitors to request poems.

 The inspiration for many of the poems on this site comes from those requests. Eventually, there were so many request that it became impossible even to open all of the email, and so I had to delete the invitation from the site. But the impetus for many of the poems on the site remains my desire to be a voice for those who want their thoughts and feelings turned into poetry.

That is why my poetry is written from so many points of view and expresses such a variety of philosophies and life experiences. My own thoughts on the matter are summed up in Rule 4 of "Rules of a Skeptic": "The only way to see something whole is from several points of view."
My life has been full of the usual changes, disappointments, disillusionments, passions, mistakes, hopes, joys, ecstasies, and sorrows.

I was born a "Red Diaper Baby"; that is, into a second-generation Italian Communist family. Disillusioned early with any ideology or dogmatism, I turned to music, studying at the School of Performing Arts and the Centro Storico. But my hunger for ideas was stronger than my love for music, and so I went to I.P.S.I.A and majored in English and creative writing. Then 2 years later I Moved to London, where I Began Computing and Music Technologies.

Been Single for 2 years before moving to London, in midlife I went through disappointments in Relationship, with all its attendant emotional and financial difficulties.

I have worked at many odd jobs to try to make ends meet, including a waiter, a Cine-Media, a moving man, and a London and work in/as  a Web Designer and Computer Technician, Tesco Express, Asda Living, Peacocks and still working on my Music Industry Advance Knowledge.

 Now in self education and Employment, in relationship happily again, I can recollect my own life in tranquillity and, I hope, find some words as well for the lives of others.

Please direct all email correspondence to the webmaster @: www.cutefm.com , www.djcute.com , www.davidbrayz.com,  www.heavens.greatwebmalls.com & www.heavenscomputer.com .

Please direct all correspondence by mail to David Brayz @ nbrayz@yahoo.com or nbrayz007@hotmail.co.uk &

alternatively nbrayz007@yahoo.co.uk , 96 Seaford Road, South Tottenham, N15 5DT. Phone Lines: +44 079 49 830 799 or +44 020 88 00 431.
Thursday, 2019-04-25, 2:48 AM
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