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Author: Heavens Squad
I watched
as he spoke to her,
words mixed with 
as if choking them out
needed help,
as if heat 
would only burn
and he
could only see beauty 
at night.
and I watched her
drink in his
clinging to the charm
he gave to the crowd
that kept him going 
for sake of them, 
not for her. 
and I watched
the man at the corner chair
smile at her
as if he understood,
as if he could make her doubts 
go away
by a simple nod
and a last-song dance
that left only rising smoke 
between them.

and with no more music,
no more interest,
no more whiskey,
I went to the green room
and stood drinking 
red wine
and listened to poetry,
and read poetry 
to strangers
who didn’t give a fuck
for who I was 
or that
my soul on paper
hid behind metaphor
to protect the innocent.
I read it 
like it was my skin,
soft and smooth.
and I read it like it was my future,
thin and drying,
to let you in.
and the man in the back 
looked at me
like he understood,
like he could make my hesitation
go away
with a simple smile
and accolade,
asking who my inspiration was. 
as I answered, 
all I could picture
was how she loved him
and how I never wanted to be 
unloved like she was,
and why I couldn’t just tell you
that I did.
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