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Author: David Brayz
There's no need to shout;
I love you more than life itself,
never should you be in doubt.

Speak softly love,
can't you see I adore you?
You light up my life, brighten up my day,
there's nothing more really that i can say.

Speak softly love,
it pains me to see you like this;
I know that i have done wrong,
and this is much more than a mere lovers tiff.

Speak softly love, 
I know that you are hurt;
Put your bags down love,
We can surely make things work.

Speak softly love,
I'm begging you not to go;
I am truly sincerely sorry,
How could I let myself sink so low?

'Speak softly love',
I say as you walk out the door;
Its true, you deserve better than this,
and my excuses, you've heard them before.

Now that you are gone love,
I've lost the will to live;
I miss your voice, your company,
To have you back, anything i would give.

I can't go on without you love,
lives just no more fun;
There's nothing I can do, and that frustrates me the most,
So in my hands I'm holding this gun.

As my finger grasps the trigger love,
I look back at all the good times we had;
The way you smiled, the way you made me laugh,
Why did i mess things up so bad?

This is how much i need you love,
and as i place the nozzle on my head;
I whisper the words 'I'm sorry love,
Without you, I rather be dead'.
Category: My Poetry | Added by: nbrayz (2010-10-20) | Author: David Brayz W
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